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What to Expect with a Car Accident Lawyer

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According to a research by the Insurance Research Council, the injury victims who hire an attorney obtain considerably bigger settlements than injury victims who deal with the matter on their own. It is a great idea to use the services of a personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs if you have been injured in a car accident.

However, how do you know that you’ve got a great attorney on your side? Here are some guidelines on what a person must anticipate:

The personal injury attorney must:

Talk to you

He or she must ask inquiries about the accident, provide you details about the personal injury claims, and explain your rights.

Review Policies

He or she must review policies for both your car insurance and health insurance. This would help identify what coverage is available for you, whether you would have to spend money to pay back the insurance if you win the case, and whether your medical insurance would pay few of the bills.

Estimate the Total Value

The personal injury lawyer must estimate the overall value of your accident claim. This includes pain and suffering, disfiguration, disability, loss of potential income, loss of earning due to the injury, future medical bills, and current medical bills.

Call the Insurance Firm

On your behalf, the lawyer must contact the insurance firm to set up the claim and try to negotiate a just settlement.

Gather the Evidence and Details

The lawyer should obtain the evidence and details required to support the claim. This might include expert opinions, photographs, witness interviews, bills, police reports, and medical records.

File a Lawsuit

The lawyer should be able and willing to file a lawsuit to get you a just settlement of insurance, if required.


The lawyer should keep you up-to-date always on the progress of your case.

Legal Issues

The lawyer must let you know if there are some legal problems that might affect the case.

Help you Prepare

If your case does goes to trial, he or she must help you prepare.

Have Knowledge

He or she should have knowledge of any liens on your case that would need payment when you obtain the settlement.

Other Things You Must Know

Rental cars

The liability insurance company of the other party is accountable for giving you a rental car while your car is being fixed when it’s their fault. Typically, you would have to pay for the rental car first. Also, you’re accountable for gas, tax, and insurance on the rental car. Then, the insurance firm would then repay you after they obtain the rental bill.

Do not Talk about your Case

Do not talk about the accident with anyone except your doctors and your lawyer. Tell people that you have been told not to talk about the case if anyone questions about it.

Having a professional attorney handle your injury case ensures that you’re reimbursed to the extent as stated by the law. However, you must also relieve much of the hassle of dealing with creditors and insurance firms.

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